Radish Roses






When I was a child I took our housekeeper’s rose-carved radishes for granted.  I thought it was the ice water they soaked in that made their superior taste.  By the time I could make them myself I knew that it was their being unexpected that made the difference.


Think about edible art.  Sushi chefs shave cucumbers into ladies’ fans.  Other chefs carve origami cranes out of a variety of vegetables.  At Opera Restaurant in Hanoi, the waiter set down the chef’s special-made-for-me vegetarian dinner.  Prominent on the plate was a 3-inch pagoda carved from a carrot!  I know every morsel of my dinner was delicious, as were the on the menu meals eaten by my carnivore companions.  All any of us remember, however, is that edible orange architecture.


Try as I may, I have not mastered a carrot tower, but below are foolproof step- by-step illustrations for carving Radish Roses.  Enjoy!